Our law firm provides legal aid and representation in all stages of criminal proceedings ‚Äď in preliminary proceedings before criminal justice authorities, as well as at the stage of court proceedings, in all instances including the Supreme Court.

We conduct criminal defence in investigations led by the Police, Public Prosecutor, Polish Internal Security Agency, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and other criminal justice authorities. Conversely, acting as a legal representative of a crime’s victim, we cooperate closely with prosecuting agencies in order to bring suspected person to justice and obtain financial compensation for damages incurred by an offence. On behalf of our clients we bring and support subsidiary or private accusations.        

Much of our criminal practice is devoted to complex, high-value economic offences litigation, including offences against property and business transactions, criminal liability of CEO’s and managing directors, bank offences, manager’s corruption, money laundering and other similar offences. Our law firm coordinates defence in high-profile, international and multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations and litigations.  

We lead defence of public officials against corruption charges, paid protection, violation of powers and authority, negligence of official’s duties.

Our practice also includes offences against life and health, possession and trafficking of controlled substances, road traffic offences, violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights.

We conduct defence in tax criminal proceedings.

Our law firm’s experience in criminal law also covers so called lustration proceedings. In Polish legal system every person discharging public function, who was born before 1975, is obliged to disclose his past associations with Secret Service of the former People’s Republic of Poland. Filing false declaration results in intitution of lustration proceedigs by public prosecutor.  We’ve led successful defence in renowned lustration cases of politicians and public officials.