Our law office represents litigants against banks and international financial institutions in a wide array of court disputes that arise from providing financial services to business entities and individuals (consumers).

Much of our banking practice focuses on the following issues:

  • bank credits/loans, including currency loans;
  • debts restructuring (negotiations with banks);
  • execution and settlement of transactions in financial markets: options, currencies, spot and forward contracts, OTC;
  • using prohibited contractual clauses in contracts with consumers;
  • issues concerning¬†personal data usage by financial institutions, removing clients‚Äô data from bank data bases (e.g. “BIK”);
  • financial institutions’ liability for information duties negligence;
  • unfreezing assets;
  • bank crimes;

The nature and complexity of banking disputes, especially those including high value claims, require from a professional counsel specialist knowledge of the sector and legal issues in question, as well as deep engagement and determination. Since we are fully independent from banks and financial institutions (no conflict of interest) we are perfectly placed to solve banking disputes to the benefit of our clients.

If you need further information or assistance, please contact us by e-mail: office@przezdziecki.eu

In urgent matters, please contact us by phone: + 48 537 737 007


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