By the judgment of The District Court of Warszawa Mokotów VIII Criminal Division, delivered on 28th October 2014, Andrzej Szelag, former Director in The Chancellery of The Prime Minister, was acquitted of acting to the detriment of The State Treasury and causing The State Treasury to suffer a considerable financial damage.

In the course of court proceedings Polish media kept informing about purported abuse in managing The Chancellery’s assets by Andrzej Szelag. According to the media and prosecutors Andrzej Szelag concluded a number of unfavourable contracts to the detriment of The State Treasury.,3/7-milionow-za-ochrone-kancelarii-premiera,27450.html

However, in the light of yesterday’s court judgement all these allegations proved to be completely groundless.

Having analysed extensive documentation and interrogated over 40 witnesses the Court endorsed arguments presented by the defence, which asserted form the very beginning of the trial that it not possible to accuse Mr. Szelag of acting to the detriment of The State Treasury and that the alleged financial damage is fictitious.

In a verbal statement of reasons the Court emphasised that, contrary to the Prosecutor’s opinion,  actions undertaken by Andrzej Szelag as Director in The Chancellery of The Prime Minister resulted in substantial savings and raise in the value of The State Treasury’s assets managed by Andrzej Szelag. For these reasons the defendant cannot be liable for offences specified in art. 231 § 1 and art. 296 § 1 of The Penal Code.

During court proceedings Andrzej Szelag was represented by advocate Patryk Przezdziecki; a profound input to this case of advocate Wojciech Tomczyk must also be noted.