Our mission is to provide case-specific, professional legal services within three specialisations that compose our area of practice.

The first specialisation is broadly understood criminal law, including among others, economic crimes (white collar crimes), tax crimes and wide range of various penal proceedings, also lustration proceedings.

The second specialisation is focused on matters relating to intellectual property, in particular copyright law, press and media law, personal and author’s rights.

The third one is devoted to corporate and commercial issues. We provide legal consultancy, assistance in negotiations, comprehensive legal service for companies, representation before courts, arbitration tribunals, and public administration authorities.

Within these three specialisations, based on our practice and clients needs we launched free particular departments dedicated to: Financial Frauds, Forex & OTC, Banking and Finance, Non Government Organizations.

We offer our services to individuals, companies, legal persons and other entities.

Basically, we work in Polish and English language, with an option to switch to French or German as per client’s request.

Please see detailed information on our practice areas:

– Criminal Law
– Intellectual Property
– Corporate and Commercial Law
– Financial scams, Forex & OTC
– Banking law and finance
– Non government organizations